Queen Street Bike Lanes

Bike lanes are proposed for Queen Street South, from Britannia Road West to the plaza intersection north of Kerr Street. The bike lanes will be part of a larger bike route from Britannia Road to Eglinton Avenue, tentatively designated the Streetsville Bikeway, which will utilize other new and existing infrastructure.

The aim of the bike lanes and the Streetsville Bikeway is to provide a comfortable cycling route into and through Streetsville, connecting the Britannia multi-use trail and the new Eglinton multi-use trail. The narrowed general vehicle lanes will also encourage motor vehicles to drive closer to the posted 40 km/h speed limit, thus increasing safety for all road users.

Motor vehicle traffic capacity will remain unchanged. There will be some new parking prohibitions on the west side of Queen Street to accommodate the bike lane.

Bicycle lane study area


  • The City’s Cycling Master Plan (2018) identifies Queen Street as a candidate for bicycle lanes.
  • Bicycle lanes provide a safer and more comfortable space for cyclists on the roadway.
  • The narrowing of existing lanes calms traffic, and moves motor vehicles farther away from the curbs, enhancing pedestrian comfort.
  • The bicycle lanes will form part of a Streetsville bike route using new and existing bike lanes and shared on-street bike routes on Queen Street and Church Street. This route will connect to the existing multi-use trail at Britannia Road, and new multi-use trail on Eglinton Avenue, as well as downtown Streetsville, Main Street square, Streetsville GO Station, Culham Trail, and bicycle lanes/routes on Thomas Street and Bristol Road.

Full proposed Streetsville bike route, using new and existing bike lanes and shared on-street bike routes


  • Bicycle lane markings and signage would be implemented on the existing asphalt.
  • Parking restrictions would be implemented when signage is installed on the west side of Queen Street


  • Installation of the bicycle lanes could occur as early as the fall of 2020, in conjunction with the full Streetsville bike route.


  • The existing roadway in the study area is 11.6 m wide, divided into two wide 5.8 m vehicular lanes. The proposed addition of 2.3 m bicycle lanes (including buffer) would maintain and narrow the existing vehicular lanes to 3.5 m (standard lane width in the City of Mississauga).

Existing roadway configuration

Proposed roadway configuration with bicycle lanes


  • Parking is currently permitted on the west side of Queen Street South, between Britannia Road West and Ontario Street West, and in seven marked spots on the east side, between Ellen Street and Ontario Street East.
  • Street parking appears to be infrequently used.
  • Parking on the west side would be removed. Existing commercial parking on the east side would be retained.

Locations along Queen Street in the study area where parking is currently permitted. Parking on the west side (red) would be prohibited.


The conceptual plan linked below illustrates more details about the proposed bike lanes on Queen Street. Residents and stakeholders are encouraged to review the plan and provide feedback.

Please send comments, questions or concerns using the form below, e-mailing us at cycling@mississauga.ca, or contacting the project manager. Please send all feedback by September 25th, 2020.

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