New Protected Bicycle Lanes on Living Arts Drive

After a successful Tactical Urbanism Pilot Project in 2019, the City is permanently installing protected bike lanes, new bike racks and public art on Living Arts Drive in Mississauga’s downtown core. Protected, on-road bike lanes have been installed to increase safety and comfort for everyone, using a design that is the first of its kind in Mississauga. New bike racks will also be installed this year that will provide secure parking options for those biking to the downtown. In spring 2022, the bike lanes will be joined by vibrant road murals that will run alongside the bike and parking lanes. Commissioned through the City’s Public Art Program, the murals will be designed by one or more professional artists and will help animate Living Arts Drive as part of the Cultural Districts Implementation Plan for the Downtown. These new features reflect how the City is rethinking street layout and design by to create spaces that are enjoyable and safe for all road users.

The new bike lane design features wide bike lanes between the sidewalk and vehicle parking lane, as well as the use of flex posts, which are plastic, reflective posts that are bolted onto the surface of the road and provide visual and physical separation between the bike lane and the rest of the road. This provides cyclists and e-scooter users with additional protection and separation from vehicle traffic. The decision to use this design was informed by its success in other Canadian and North American cities, as well as by temporary bike lanes, of similar design, that were piloted in 2019.

All parking on the west side of Living Arts has be retained. Paid parking on the east side is reduced from 10 spots to 5 spots. Parking will be moved between the bike lane and general traffic lane. All bus stops will be retained.

The City is seeking your feedback on the new bicycle lanes. Please leave your feedback in the following form.