Explore Mississauga by bike, meet fellow cyclists, and enjoy a complimentary ice cream at the end of each ride.

About The Rides

The citizen member volunteers of the Mississauga Advisory Cycling Committee (MCAC) organize a free community ride series from May through September.

The 2018 Community Ride series features 14 free rides in all corners of the city. The community rides are scheduled for Thursday evenings and Saturday or Sunday mornings and range between 5 and 40 kilometers. Rides kick off with a safety talk and ride briefing before participants split into groups based on speed and skill level.  MCAC members and volunteer marshals then lead the groups at a leisurely pace, following traffic rules, and leaving no participants behind.

 Upcoming Rides

Find detailed Community Ride information including start times, location, and routes on the MCAC website.

Participants are required to sign up for the Community Rides online.

Safety Guidelines

  • The community rides start with a safety talk to remind participants about the community ride safety guidelines. Please review the safety guidelines before attending a ride.
  • All community ride participants are required to wear a bicycle helmet during the ride.  Please review the MCAC mandatory bike helmet policy before attending a ride.
  • Always safety check your bike before attending a community ride. Use this quick and easy ABCD Quick Check to make sure all parts are working properly and your bike is safe to ride.