CAN-BIKE Courses

Cycling Canada’s CAN-BIKE program is a series of progression courses taught on all aspects of cycling, to ride safely, effectively, and enjoyably on the road.

CAN-BIKE Level 1

This course will focus on basic bike handling skills, for those over the age of 14 who have never ridden a bicycle. This course will cover all the information and fundamental skills needed to get on the bike and ride comfortably.

CAN-BIKE Level 2

This course is for individuals who are comfortable on a bicycle, and who are interested in learning the fundamentals of cycling. Skills such as straight line riding, braking, riding with one hand, shoulder checks, signals, gearing, and more will be covered.

CAN-BIKE Level 3

This course is designed for individuals who ride on the road and would like to learn traffic handling skills and the rules of the road.  At the end of the course, students should feel comfortable riding on residential and some urban streets.

CAN-BIKE Level 4

This advanced course is designed for cyclists who have some experience and want to increase their abilities and their knowledge of how to ride effectively through all forms of infrastructure. Formerly known as the CAN-BIKE 2 course, this is also the standard course for adult cyclists taking leadership roles within their communities.

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